Even growth marketers sometimes struggle to be creative when it comes to growth.

That’s why I’m sharing with you my list of 93 ways to grow your business.

Not every strategy is going to work in your business but going through this list any time you’re stuck will give you ideas.

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Ways to start generating cash quickly and requires entrepreneurs to sell the product, business or themselves

  1. Get referrals from current customers – Ask your customers if they know someone who could benefit from your product/service. 15 Ways To Get Referrals From Rain Sales Training
  2. Create a loyalty program – Put your repeat customers on a loyalty program to incentivise them to stay with you. Creating a loyalty Program from Fit Small Business
  3. Run a price promotion – Offer new and current customers a discount to boost revenue. Price Promotion From Entrepreneur
  4. Offer a payment plan – Allow your customers to pay in installments 4 Payment Plan Tips from Quickbooks.intuit
  5. Build a sales funnel – Take your customers on a journey to the sale and beyond Sales Funnel Creation From Screw The Nine To Five
  6. Use a customer management system – Automate your admin, lead gen and lead nurturing so you can put your time to better use Client management by Workflow Max
  7. Hire a salesperson – Get someone working to actively bring in sales Best Ways To Hire Businesspeople by HBR
  8. Offer a satisfaction guarantee – Guarantee your product/service so potential customers can feel good working with you How To Write Guarantees By Pro Copy Tips
  9. Get Venture Capital – Get on Shark Tank/ Dragon’s Den or go after venture capital/angel investment Interview with Peter Thiel by Blake Masters
  10. Buy Pay-Per Click Ads – Get targeted leads by buying ads from Facebook, Google and other PPC advertisers Google PPC by Visiture
  11. Create an affiliate program – Offer your product on an affiliate program so other people can sell your product/service for you Starting an Affiliate Program by Crazy Egg
  12. Pick up the phone and call potential clients – Just simply picking up the phone and calling potential customers is the simplest way to grow Cold Calling Tips By YesWare
  13. Advertise in print – Find a newspaper/magazine that has your target market and throw an ad up 10 Tips For Advertising In Print Media
  14. Send direct mail – Send potential clients mail with an offer Direct Mail By Hubspot
  15. Go Door-to-door – Sell your product in person by showing up at their door Door To Door Sales Tips By Marketing Wit
  16. Crowdfund – Ask current and future customers to pay for a product that hasn’t been built yet. Kickstarter By marketingstrategy.com
  17. Join an Incubator – An incubator is a firm that nurtures startups into big businesses Incubator Accelerator By Startup Nation
  18. Send Fax Ads – Think faxes are dead? Think again – Big businesses still use them and they’re also more likely to be opened and seen. Faxes by Small Business Brief


Longer-term strategies to build your business and create consistent leads

19. Build Social Media Pages – Take advantage of other networks by creating a business page on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter Etc How To Build A Social Media Presence From Sprout Social

20. Comment on Social Media – Keep tabs on other people’s social media and build a name for yourself How To Reply To Social Media Comments From Falcon

21. Join the local chamber of commerce – Connect with other businesses in the area(s) you service. Why Join Local Chamber Of Commerce By Quality Logo Products

22. Join HARO and other media callouts – Journalists are actively looking to feature businesses. Take advantage of it. How To Respond Effectively To A Media Call From Smart Company

23. Create original content – Create interesting content to bring attention to your brand 3 Tips To Original Social Content By Adweek

24. Do email marketing – Nurture your leads by keeping your business at the front of their minds. Email marketing is the most cost-effective for this. Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing From Mailer Lite

25. Create strategic partnerships – Partner up with complimentary businesses – where you both benefit. Partnering with cafe’s if you have a brownie business for example. 10 Steps To Building Strategic Partnerships From Exec Rank

26. Offer a free webinar – Webinars are great for connecting with people worldwide, offering value and pitching them your solutions. Webinar Planning

27. Write a blog – Creating a blog to corner search terms is one of the most cost-effective ways to continue getting leads. Ultimate Guide To Blogging

28. Start a Youtube Channel – A popular Youtube channel can make you the expert on your subject and create excited potential clients willing to work with you 50 Free Ways To Grow Your Youtube Channel By Forbes

29. Start a Podcast – A Podcast is great for connecting with people on a daily or regular basis. How To Grow Your Podcast Audience From Podcasters Round Table

30. Get on TV/Radio – Contact journalists who may be interested in covering what you’re doing on TV and/or Radio 6 Ways To Get Booked on Local Tv & Radio By QuickBooks

31. Interview influencers – Find blogs in your niche and ask if they’d be interested in being interviewed How To Interview From Smart Blogger

32. Get interviewed on a podcast – contact Podcasters in your niche and ask to be interviewed. They are always looking for new content. Get Interviewed By Top Podcasts By Thinkific

33. Publish a book – Create a book on your business subject to gain readers How To Publish A Book By Self-Publishing School

34. Answer questions on Forums/Quora – Find forums on your topic and answer questions from potential clients Quora Marketing By Teachable

35. Get influencers to try your product/services – Mail influencers that have the same audience as you a free product in the hopes they will talk about it Getting Influencers To Promote Your Bran Free By 60 Second Marketer

36. Start a Facebook group – Create a FB group helping others solve the problems you solve in the hopes they’ll hire you to do it for them. How To Build A Facebook Group By Moz

37. Start a Linkedin Group – Create a Linkedin group to connect with businesspeople and share your content. Linkedin Groups By BufferApp

38. Write & Submit a Press Release – Create an enticing press release to get journalists to write about you How To Write Press Releases By CoSchedule

39. Offer a Free Teaser – Create a mini course, trial or a taste tester to allow potential customers to get a feel for what your business is about Pros & Cons For A Free Offering By CoxBlue

40. Create infographics – Create visual content to showcase your product or business Infographic Marketing By Convince & Convert

41. Buy influencer posts, mentions, shoutouts etc – You can buy tweets, stories, posts etc from influencers in your target market How To Buy Shoutouts By Boostlikes

42. Post a slideshow on Slideshare – Create a Slideshow about your product and business and share it on Slideshare How To Use Slideshare To Market Your Business By Wishpond

43. Attend networking events – Attend events to connect with business owners Ultimate Guide To Networking From Zak Slayback

44. Host meetups and other events – Host events to showcase your business Event Promotion By Eventbrite

45. Get listed in directories – Throw your business on online and offline directories so potential customers can find you 50 Free Websites To List Your Business By Business.com

46. Speak at events – Request to speak at other people’s events Get Speaking Engagements By The Speaker Lab

47. Offer a free seminar – Host a seminar helping people with problems they face and sell a solution at the end Selling On Stage From Speaking Lifestyle

48. Participate in trade shows – Connect with industry leaders in your field Ultimate Guide To Trade Show Displays By Brand Boom

49. Meet other business owners – Take time to introduce yourself to business owners in your area for referrals 4 Places To Meet Like-Minded Entrepreneurs By Due.com

50. Put your product on aggregator sites – Put your site on aggregators such as Airbnb, Amazon etc – so it gets seen Beginner’s Guide To Starting An Amazon FBA Business

51. Generate word of mouth – Create strategies so your customers can tell others about your product/business 10 Word Of Mouth Marketing Tactics By Referral Candy

52. Get friends and family involved – Ask your friends/family to share your product/business and give you referrals Ways To Market Your Business To Facebook Friends By Mari Smith


Ways to manage and optimise your product, business or yourself

53. Review the business plan (SWOT Analysis) – Look at your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats carefully When To Consider Reviewing Your Business Plan By Dummies.com

54. Offer staff incentives – Offer staff ways to work harder for you 15 Creative Employee Reward Ideas By Bonus.ly

55. Study your data – Study the data in your business and identify correlations that can grow your business. Consider a dashboard. Benefits of Big Data by Dataversity

56. Get special licenses – See if there’s a license that will help you grow your business How To Get Licenses & Permits By The Balance Careers

57. Get government grants – See if there are government grants you can take advantage of Grant Writing Guidelines By Cornerstone On Command

58. Get more qualified – See if getting further qualifications will help you grow your business Should Entrepreneurs Attend Business School By B Plans

59. Get a business loan – Get a loan to grow your business How To Get A Small Business Loan By Nerd Wallet

60. Increase your price – Sometimes low prices can showcase low quality. See if increasing your prices allows for growth Is Your Product Too Cheap By Chargify

61. Measure and Optimise – Create ways to measure and optimise everything in your business. The more efficient, the faster your business will grow Maximum Yield By Marketing Wizdom

62. Ask your employees for advice – Ask the people working for you to give you ideas and feedback. This will allow employees to feel a part of the business and take ownership of it’s success. 4 Questions To Be Asking Your Employees By The Muse

63. Survey your audience – Ask direct questions to understand your audience’s needs and desires Survey Your Audience By Socially Sorted

64. Ask for feedback from current customers – Ask your customers what they liked and didn’t like about your product and business Customer Feedback By OptiMonk

65. Work in every aspect of your business – The more you understand what goes on in every area of your business, the better you are at making the right decisions for your business. Importance Of Knowledge To A Growing Business By Info Entrepreneurs

66. Research your competition – Understand and keep tabs on exactly what your competition is doing. So they never get ahead of you Top 10 Tools To Research Your Competition By In Tech Nic

67. Focus on customer service – Focus on giving customers the best service imaginable. Make it personalised and make them smile. Excellent Customer Service By Keeping.com

68. Invest Retained Earnings – Consider investing in retained earnings instead of leaving it in the bank Retained Earnings Guide By Corporate Finance Institute

69. Review cashflow and cut costs – Review expenses regularly and continue to optimise and save. Increase Cash Flow By Laura Elkaslassy

70. Negotiate with your suppliers – See if you can negotiate a price reduction or consider other options regularly How To Negotiate Prices By The Balance MB

71. Downsize to a coworking space – Cut costs by getting rid of that office space and joining a coworking space. Downsizing By Office Slice Coworking

72. Translate  your products into other languages – Pay to have your product translated into multiple languages Translate Content Into Different Languages By Neil Patel

73. Take time to relax – Don’t forget to take time out and recharge 11 Ways To Fit Relaxation Into Your Schedule By Bustle

74. Get proper sleep – Bad decisions are often attributed to lack of sleep. Never put your health at risk for the growth  Healthy Sleep By Harvard

75. Improve your sales funnel – Continue A/B Testing and improving your sales funnel Sales Funnel Increase Conversions By Shane Barker

76. Bundle your services into a premium product – Create a bundle with very little extra work Digital Product Packages By CopyBlogger

77. Get more positive testimonials – Focus on building trust by actively getting good reviews and testimonials Ask Customers For Reviews By Marketing Land

78. Examine your unique selling proposition – Seriously consider what makes your business/product unique Unique Selling Proposition By Marketing Results

79. Study your buyer persona – Examine the life of your ideas buyer. What are they doing with their life, their work, home situation etc. Defining Buyer Personas By Digital Marketing Institute

80. Hire a business coach/growth marketers – Get a business coach to give advice or hire growth marketers like us to do it all for you Growth Hackers By Scale Us Up

81. Create a budget – Create consistency : make a budget for the low months and stick to the same budget for the high months Budgeting By Natalie Bacon

82. Hire a virtual assistant – Hire a good online assistant that can help you focus on the right things 101 Tasks To Outsource To VA’s By Chris Ducker

83. Hire extra employees – Hire extra employees to focus on the everyday tasks whilst you focus on growth for example How To Hire Employees By Fit Small Business

84. Acquire another business – Buy a complimentary business that will help you grow your business easily Considering An Acquisition By Small Biz Trends

85. Create passive income streams – Passive income are usually websites that make money through blogs, Amazon FBA, Dropshipping etc 43 Passive Income Streams By Real Passive Income Ideas

86. License your product – Allow people in other countries to license your business or product for a fee How To Reach Out To Companies For Product Licensing Consideration By Core 77

87. Export Interstate or internationally – Export your products outside your current market First Steps To Exporting By Marketing Donut

88. Franchise – Allow people to act as an agent for your product/business under specific rules Ultimate Guide To Franchising By The Franchise King

89. Diversify your products and services – Add complimentary products/services for your current target market Product Diversification By Corporate Finance Institute

90. Narrow your market to a profitable niche – Eke out a smaller niche that’s more profitable and stick with that How To Narrow Business Ideas To A Niche Market By Pinnacle Cart

91. Extend your market reach – Make your niche larger and grab other complimentary target markets How To Expand By Edward Lowe

92. Improve your product or service – Upgrade your product with more features, better experience etc How To Improve Product Quality By Marketing 91