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We're A Startup That's Growing Quickly...

We formed Scale Us Up in July 2018.

Because we think all businesses should be able to grow quickly…




After a few rounds of drinks, one says to the group, “I just realised that we have such diverse expertise that would work so perfectly together that we could take any business and grow it quickly”.

Scale Us Up was born. (No Joke)

01. We Focus on Results & ROI

We don’t make profit until you do. We put our money where our mouth is and banking on our expertise.

02. We’ve Grown Our Own Business Into Industry Leaders

And we want to same for whichever business we work with.

Ideally, we’d only like to work with one business in each industry to make into an industry leader.

03. We’re Doing The Work

We’re growing quickly and showcasing the strategies we use to grow Scale Us Up.

If you want to grow, now is the time – when we’re a startup, can assign most of our resources and experts to your business.

Before we get busy and expensive…

Proven Success

From $0 to 30K p/m in 4 months

School of Attraction was founded in 2009 with $2000, moving back in with parents and a dream to create non-sleazy dating education.

The problems were clear: they did an amazing job helping men and women with self confidence to date, however no one wanted to admit they needed help with dating so word of mouth referrals were nowhere to be seen.

The founders had to employ creative marketing strategies to get and keep clients – eventually going on to become Australia’s largest dating education company.

It’s no secret that some of the best marketers in the world such as Eben Pagan, Jordan Harbinger & Chris Duncan start out in the dating industry – the founders of Scale Us Up are no different.


Revenue Increase per year

Growth Hackers

The Team


  • Business Strategy
  • Writing
  • SEO
  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Public Relations
  • Legal

Diviya (Dee) Nand


Dee has been in business development since 2009. She started a business at 20 years old and has been a part of several successfully sold (and failed) startups in her time. She wrote an award winning dating book in 19 days, organised the largest singles dating event in Australia and was the driving force behind dominating the dating education market for School of Attraction.


  • Accounting
  • Photography
  • Youtube Personality
  • PPC
  • Sales
  • Customer Relations
  • Planning
  • Emotions

Damien Diecke

CFO & Manager

Damien was the Head Dating Coach at School of Attraction and scaled it within 3 months. He has a finance and management background where he worked for Aussie Home Loans in Training & Development. He also worked at Management Consultancy International in business sales before founding his own company.

The Experts

And The Best Of The Best

The Star Network At Your Fingertips

  • Kappy Prasad CTO – Formerly at Google as a Network Surveillance Engineer, Kappy runs his own cloud hosting company. He does everything tech-related including website development, solution architecturing, DevOps and automation and asking you if you’ve tried turning it off and on again. He created 3 successful businesses in 3 years and spends his time consulting for many major clients such as Qantas, Virgin, American Express and Queensland + NSW government.
  • Lewis Parrott – Lewis is a niche website wizard. He’s created many websites and created solid income within months. He’s who we rely on for online optimisations such as email marketing, SEO, link building, targeted traffic and bringing passive income (income you don’t need to work for). He lives the ultimate lifestyle as a digital nomad travelling the world and working remotely.
  • Natalie Howard – Natalie Howard is an Instagram model with over 10 million followers. She is the ultimate expert on working with getting joint business partnerships and sponsorships. She also teaches others to grow, scale and monetise social media accounts. She has serious experience on how to dominate social media to grow quickly.

We’ve been in the technology and startup industry for nearly 10 years. We know A LOT of great experts.

Are you an expert in your field and want to get involved helping small businesses grow? Contact us


What We Provide

Progress Tracker

We’ll give you a personalised dashboard outlining all your key business metrics, so you can track your progress as it happens.

24/7 Contact

We will be working round the clock on your business. We all work remotely so it won’t be uncommon to receive emails at odd hours.

All in one

You don’t need to hire individual experts for every area of your business – we do that for you.

You get most of the profits

You do most of the work running the business, so it makes sense that you deserve most of the profits. We ask for reasonable percentage for the work we do that is fair for the industry.

You Make The Decisions

We pitch you a bunch of ideas we’d like to try and you have veto power – power to not try something you’re uncomfortable with. After all, this is your baby and we respect that

Take Your Business Anywhere

With the right bunch of people behind you, you can take your business in any direction. No longer are there limitations – the sky is the limit.

Can We Help Your Business Grow?

Let us impress you...

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